Update: v 1.17 live

I've pushed an update to Speed Dating for Ghosts that fixes and polishes a bunch of things.

  • A conditional issue has been fixed that was preventing players from seeing full reactivity to rejecting or being rejected by all nine ghosts in a single playthrough. On Steam, this also prevented people from earning the All Dressed Up and Nowhere to Ghost achievement.
  • Steph no longer lingers unnaturally long at the end of her date if you tell her "You're dead." She also now makes a noise when she gets mad.
  • The "Choose Your Date" images have been updated to better reflect the appearance of the ghosts and the room themes.
  • Various minor fixes have been implemented to improve the flow of the text. We also caught a few typos!

Thanks for playing our game. We are thrilled with the spirited reaction to our game.

👁 ❤ 👻,


Speed Dating for Ghosts.app.zip 89 MB
Feb 15, 2018
Speed Dating for Ghosts 64.zip 74 MB
Feb 15, 2018
Speed Dating for Ghosts.zip 72 MB
Feb 15, 2018

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