Expansion Release Date and FAQ

The long-teased, very much free expansion to Speed Dating for Ghosts finally has a release date. The expansion will appear on Steam and itch.io on Thursday, November 28: the spookiest day of the year.

Here are some answers to questions you may have about the whole ordeal:

How can I prepare for the expansion?
Without giving much away, the expansion concludes the game’s story and happens after you’ve finished playing ghost trivia with Fran. You’ll need to ensure you’ve finished that Fran date but haven’t restarted by erasing your data. If you have erased your data, you’ll need to play to the end of the main game again before you can play the expansion. You may want to do this anyway, as aspects of the expansion change based on choices you make in the main game.

How can I access the expansion content in-game?
Once you’ve finished the final date with Fran, a tourism pamphlet inviting you to “Go to Hell” will appear on the main menu. Clicking on the pamphlet will take you to the new content.

Is there endgame content?
Yep! After you’ve dated all the available expansion ghosts, click on the brochure again and see what happens!

If I haven’t finished the main game in my current playthrough, how can I confirm the expansion has downloaded?
Go to the graveyard. There should be a new set of blanked-out graves accessible via a Beach button at the bottom of the screen. That’s where the new ghost bios will go once you’ve gotten to know ‘em.

Why did it take so dang long to release the expansion?
Copychaser Games is mostly just me, Ben. Hey. Hi there. I make games like Speed Dating for Ghosts whenever I can find time, between day jobs that keep a roof over my head at studios like BioWare, Remedy, and WB Games Montreal. The last year has been especially trying, as I’ve also balanced work with a number of familial crises and a pretty serious bout of depression. All this to say, things have unfortunately been slow going. Much slower than I’d like. Don’t worry, though. Things are calming down! Hence the actual release date! And new things on the horizon too (see below)!

What comes next?
We are planning to release Speed Dating for Ghosts on iOS as well as Nintendo Switch in the coming months. The initial idea was to release complete versions of the game on these new platforms at the same time as the expansion. But that proved a little more complicated than expected, which I guess is to be expected in games (we’ve made games before and should have expected this).

Why iOS and Switch?
A morning commute or airplane ride can get mighty boring. Why not spend it dating some ghost friends? New platforms also makes the game available to new audiences.

I really like Speed Dating for Ghosts. How can I support your work?
A surprising number of people have asked this super nice question. <3 I wanna keep things pretty simple: I make a weird game with some friends, and if that weird game is good, maybe people give us a handful of dollars to play it. Since I don’t have a lot of money to spend on anything resembling traditional promotion or marketing, honestly, the best thing you can do beyond buying my weird games is telling your friends about them! This will enable me to make more weird games. And the circle of life continues.

How can I find out about new and upcoming Copychaser Games?
Follow @copychasergames or @bengelinas on Twitter. I’m hard at work on two new weird games (one about sleep paralysis and one about space journalism). Twitter is a good place to learn how things are going and when things will come out. But Twitter is not everyone’s cup of garbage, so you can also follow Copychaser Games on Steam.

Looking so so forward to finally releasing new ghosts into the ether! I hope you’ll like them lots.


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