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This game reminds me of this song.

Also Undertale for some reason, even though I'm pretty sure you can't date ghosts.

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This song is rad. Thank you for posting this. <3 

No problem, thanks for taking time out of your day to reply. I really appreciate it.

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More ghost hop hip

Omg thanks

This is friggin good and sounds like really similar lol

Except it's... Chinese? I really don't know


It's about a dream or something in a dancehall surrounded by ghosts and dead people, I think?  Japanese, but I don't understand it too well.

Hi ,

I love your game !  Iam organizing a gaming festival at the end of November ( this year) about digital immortality ( do you want infinite lives ) and i was wondering if we could show your game there ?

You can contact me  at ! 

our website is :

Let me know !


Email'd! <3